1. The only reason Tai is taller than Vain’s chin is because he’s standing on a stool. In high heels. :P

  2. ailea:

    From my Incubus AU with Cakie (we have a lot). Vain is a priest and Tai is the demon that tempts him.

  3. their size difference fuels me

  4. help I have things to do but all I end up doing is drawing these two nerds

  5. ailea:

    I drew a thing :D

  6. ailea:

    Did a kiss meme of Vain and Tai. :D

    Tai belongs to Cakie and Vain belongs to me.

  7. my babies from my split!au I like to daydream about with cakie

    done super quick

  8. ailea:

    I sell humanoid adoptables on chickensmoothie! Here’s a compilation of the ones I’ve done so far. (You guys get a preview of the newest ones I haven’t released yet)

  9. ailea:

    I’m still unhappy with this but here it is, a little JayTim for this cutie patootie <3

    Tim is Jay’s teddy bear ;D *snorts*

  10. ailea:

    "Kiss me…"

    I’ve been into rotg fandom lately, so here’s a little somethin’. :3